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Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) at Centro Sanum


The shape, position, tension and tone of your spine is in relation to the shape, position, tension and tone of your life.


When the transfer of energy and information within the body-mind is unaltered, life may be fully expressed.  But when the transfer of energy and information within the body-mind is altered, the essential functions of life are altered and there is a state of dis-ease.  This disconnect within the body-mind is known as subluxation and is evidenced in the shape, position, tone and tension of the spine. Vertebral or spinal subluxation is a condition affecting the relationship and alignment of the spinal bones and neurological structures which influences the overall function of the body’s natural coordination systems.  Its affect on the body may be subtle and asymptomatic or may be more dramatic. The effects are both local and global and may also be persistent and cumulative. A chiropractic adjusment is a safe force applied to the spine that affects the relationship and alignment of the spinal bones and neurological structures. Many chiropractors adjust the spine to address subluxation and improve neurological function. A Network Spinal Entrainment is a type of chiropractic adjustment that uses gentle, low-force contacts along the spine to help the brain connect more effectively with areas that are already at ease.This drives a process of reorganization in which the brain has the opportunity to better assess the relationship and alignment of the spinal bones and neurological structures and create an appropriate change.


Your spine, which houses your nervous system, connects your body-mind.  This vast array of pathways and connections is the conduit for the transfer of vital energy and information within and is at the core of our experience, wellbeing, healing and health.The more connection, flexibility and integrity within the spine and nervous system, the greater the potential for wellness, healing and health. Your spine and nervous system are central to all the vital functions of the body, automatically coordinating complex tasks like breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, metabolism, immunity, and many other essential bio-energetic processes. Feelings and sensations of energy moving in our spine and body are central to our emotional experience. Our spine is at the core of who we are as human beings and we posture our spine differently when we are connected with different aspects of ourself. The spine is the central axis for all the action in our lives and allows us to move about and interact with the world.  Your nervous system is the initiator and coordinator of all behaviours, both conscious and unconscious. We are sentient beings, and it is through our nervous system that we live and experience our lives.

Network Spinal Analysis provides a clinical framework which allows Doctors of Chiropractic to work with individuals in structured levels of care to achieve specific neuro-spinal and wellness enhancing strategies. Using precise, gentle, low-force (light touch) contacts along the spine, to help the brain connect more effectively with the body, individuals learn to find and release tension from spinal structures. As strategies evolve and neuro-spinal integrity increases, practice members report less stress, improved physical, emotional and psychological well-being, more life enjoyment, self-motivated lifestyle changes, and improved overall quality of life.

Studies have shown that when these stressors rise to an overwhelming state, the body-mind will protect itself by locking these stressors into deep seated tension patterns stored and reflected in the position, shape, tone, and tension of our spine, muscles, organs, tissues and emotions.These tension patterns can reside and accumulate over the years and throughout our lives, starting as early as infancy.The problem arises (your departure from health and well being – your symptoms), when every day stresses add up day after day.Yesterday’s stress is added to today’s and tomorrow’s – to the point your body can no longer adapt and it comes rushing up to your consciousness and your perception.Is it any wonder why, as the years pass, we feel less energetic, more tired, stiff, moody, and anxious? Our bodies simply don’t function as well as they used to. Now with NSA you can reverse this process and release years of stored up tension.

A recent retrospective study of 2,818 patients demonstrated that Network Care is associated with statistically significant, profound and consistent improvement in self-reported health and wellness issues, including the following:

Improved Physical Wellbeing

·                     improved flexibility of the spine

·                     more energy, less fatigue

·                     fewer colds or flu

·                     fewer headaches

·                     reduced pain

Less Stress

·                     emotional well-being

·                     health

·                     general well-being

·                     coping with daily problems

·                     family

·                     significant relationship

·                     work

Increased Psychological Wellbeing

·                     positive feelings about self

·                     decreased moodiness, temper, and angry outbursts

·                     less depression, more interest in life

·                     fewer concerns about small things

·                     improved ability to think and concentrate

·                     less anxiety and concern over vague fears

·                     improved ability to stay on task

·                     less distress about physical pain

Self Motivated Lifestyle Changes

Increases reported in:

·                     regular exercise – Tai Chi / Yoga

·                     meditation / prayer

·                     relaxation / self-hypnosis

·                     health foods / vitamins

·                     vegetarian / partial vegetarian

·                     less use of prescription medications

More Life Enjoyment

·                     openness to guidance by inner feelings

·                     experience of relaxation and well-being

·                     positive feelings about self

·                     interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle

·                     feeling open when listening to others

·                     confidence in dealing with adversity

·                     compassion for other

Improved Quality of Life in:

·                      your personal life

·                      extent one adapts to change

·                      handling of problems in life

·                      actual life accomplishments

·                     life as a whole

·                     overall contentment with life

·                     significant other

·                     job

·                     life being what one wants it to be

·                     romantic life

·                     actual work done

·                     physical appearance