Reflexology is a more than 5000 year old Chinese unique method based on holistic principles. That means treating the human being as a whole.
In our hands and on the soles of our feet we have reflex points, which all correspond to our inner organs, as well as to our senses, nervous system, and to the rest of the body.

An imbalance in the body is expressed through illness. Since the body is a complex system, a badly functioning zone will create an imbalance in the whole system. This holistic point of view is the basis for the theory of reflexology.

If a reflex zone feels sore it can be an indication of an imbalance of the corresponding organ. By massaging these points in the feet the reflexologist can observe and facilitate a clearing of any blockages in the corresponding areas of the body and thereby help it to bring itself into balance.

Reflexology can help you with:


• Stress and body tensions
• Headaches
• Pain in muscles and joints
• Back problems
• Lack of energy
• Insomnia
• Astma and respiratory disorders
• Repetitive infections
• Digestive problems
• Cardio vascular problems
• Fluid retention
• Period and menopause problems
• Infertility
• Colic and problems in children

If you are pregnant, reflexology is a very efficient way to stimulate the body and the inner organs. Reflexology is preventative and have a relaxing and tranquilizing effect on you and your baby. You will get more energy and feel better through the whole pregnancy.


Reflexology It is scientifically proved that reflexology has a positive effect on colic in babies. The treatment is done by soft pressures and massage on your baby´s feet. Children normally react immediately on reflexology and most babies will start feeling better after one or two treatments.


I depends on what kind of problem you have and for how long time you have suffered from it. Some people feel an immediate improvement after their first treatment. A general rule is that if you have had the imbalance for a long period of time, it normally takes more treatments to cure it than if the imbalance has appeared recently.