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Running style analysis

Running style analysis done by physiotherapist

The analysis assesses how you move during the race. It is a physio therapeutic tool to pinpoint the cause of your pain / injuries associated with running. It is also a tool to improve and develop the dedicated runner, whether you are professional, super exerciser or a beginner.
The analysis is relevant if you want to get knowledge of your own running style or injury problems. Are you, for example, injured and it prevents you from running? Have you been tested in your running shoes and are you running sensibly and you are then still having problems? So it’s definitely a good idea with a running analysis.
A running style analysis can reveal the strong and weak muscle groups, asymmetries and imbalances during your run. Video footage in slow motion from all sides can uncover even the smallest details of your particular running style. The focus will be on your entire body when running, because injuries often relate to the feet, lower legs, knees, pelvic / hip and back.
The conclusion of the running style analysis will include recommendation of shoe type, arch support and a personal rehabilitation program based on your running ambitions. At the same time the analysis often give you a visual picture of the factors that have an impact on your injury problems. All this and of course we will provide you with instructions in how the best way is for you to run and specific exercises.
Please bring running shoes, possibly both new and old, shorts / running tights and women sports bra.